Got Change?

The “got change?” program is designed to encourage our members to establish an “emergency cash fund”! The credit union will pay a 5% dividend on the first $500 balance in this special savings account. Any balances over $500 will accumulate dividends based on whatever rate the regular share savings is paying.

You must have a checking account and a debit card to enroll in the “got change?” program.

The “got change?” program will round up every MasterCard debit/credit card transaction to the nearest dollar. The change difference will accumulate throughout the day of purchases and the total amount will be transferred from your checking account to an additional savings account, suffix 11, at the end of each day. For bookkeeping purposes, record the rounded up debit from your account each time you do a transaction. This will not affect checks or ach transactions that clear your account.

Additional deposits cannot be made to your “got change?” savings account.

We will not transfer funds from your “got change?” account to cover “NSF” checks or ACH transactions.

There is a limit of four withdrawals from this savings account per year. This account is considered an “emergency cash fund”. If you have additional “emergencies”, there will be a $5 fee per withdrawal or transfer.

You can un-enroll from the program at any time.

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