Important Information


Please remember when using your debit card, there is a daily spending limit of $1,000 on purchases and a cash withdrawal limit of $500 at the ATM.  If you need these limits raised, please fill out the attached form and bring it to the credit union, fax it (440) 357-2779, or email  

Please do not call for this request.  Thank you. 

When it’s TAX TIME again!

Whether you owe money or you are getting a refund, have it directly withdrawn or deposited to your account. It’s a faster and much safer way to file. When you do file your taxes, you will need to provide your member number and LCE Federal’s routing number, 241280980.

We offer Courtesy Pay!

An insufficient fund check that is returned or a debit card purchase attempt that is declined can be embarrassing, frustrating and in the case of checks, can result in fees from the merchant or retailer.

L.C.E. Federal understands that many people need an occasional safety net to avoid this type of situation, which is why we offer Courtesy Pay. 

This service became available on December 1, 2016 to all of our checking account holders.

Attention LCE Visa Card Holders

Now that we are issuing our Visa cards with the chips in them, we have updated our cash advance machine. With this new machine, it now requires you to have a pin # in order to do a cash advance. If you have our Visa card with the chip and you do not have a pin # for your card, please contact the credit union. We will put in a request to Visa to send you a pin # through the mail.

LCE ATM locations:

LCE Federal Credit Union, Painesville Office

77 North St. Clair St.
Painesville, Ohio

Mentor Municipal Building

8500 Civic Center Blvd.
Mentor, Ohio
Located in the entrance of the police dept.

Madison ER

Rt. 20
Madison, Ohio

Lake West Hospital 

Willoughby, Ohio
Located behind the information desk

Tripoint Hospital

Concord, Ohio
Main Lobby, by the bathrooms

All Sheetz and GetGo locations have surcharge free ATMs
For other surcharge free locations, visit: