Home Banking

Home Banking Instructions for first time use:

  • Click on the home banking tab.

  • Enter your username (your member #), then enter your temporary password (the last four numbers of the primary member’s social security number).

  • Check YES to enhance your security.

  • Pick ONLY one picture that you will remember and answer 5 different security questions. Click submit after you have picked your picture and answered the questions.

  • Once again, enter your username and your temporary password.

  • Choose your picture, which you had previously selected. Answer the security question.

  • You will now be in password maintenance. Change your temporary password to the password of your choice.

  • You are now entered into home banking!


Once you have set up home banking, you can go paperless by signing yourself up for e-Statements on the home banking page!

Click on statements and follow the instructions. It’s that easy!!! No more waiting for the mail to come, Statements are available on the 1st of every month.

Do you have a checking account with LCE? If so, take advantage of our free service, Bill Pay! Once you are set up in home banking you will see a tab for home banking. Click the home banking tab and follow the instructions. Pay anyone! No fees involved!

Home Banking
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